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Student Recognition

PAW, Track Star, and GAIN Awards


            Track Star & PAW winners will be based on inviting students to invest in G.E.S., and to give back to the school to make it a better place.


            Track Star winners are selected by peers, and approved by students. The intent of this activity is to reward students for being positive role models for their peers, and to give students the opportunity to promote Grantsville Elementary. At the Track Star Award Activity, students will use the theme of the party to work together to create a movie. The movie will be played throughout the year on the TV in the main foyer of the school. At the end of the activity, students will receive a medal and a prize from our prize box.


Track Star Dates & Themes—2:00-3:00 in the Library

            #1        October 13                  Oh The Places You’ll Go

            #2        December 18              What Do You Do with a Problem?

            #3        February 9                   Giving Back: What Can We Do to Help Others?

            #4        April 13                       Stand Tall!


            PAW winners are selected by teachers, based on the theme from the month (themes are selected based on the district character education program, Second Step). Activities this year will include students creating art projects, including collages, drawings, coloring sheets, comic strips, etc. These projects will be hung in the “college” hallway on the way to the lunchroom to celebrate PAW winners and to celebrate good behavior.


PAW Dates & Themes—2:00-3:00 in the Library


            #1        September 15             Skills for learning (respect, listening, focusing)

            #2        October 16                  Empathy/Understanding Perspectives

            #3        November 17              Accepting & Respecting Differences

            #4        December 15              Compassion

            #5        January 26                   Emotion Management (anxiety, disappointment, anger, hurt feelings)

            #6        February 23                 Problem Solving

            #7        March 19                    Taking Responsibility (for your actions)

            #8        April 20                       Being a Positive Example to All


GAIN Awards


            The GAIN recognition is awarded in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters to one student from each class who has shown significant improvement in at least one academic area, as shown through data on state, district, and/or local assessments. Teachers nominate the students, and they are recognized by the principal in a special assembly in which parents are invited to attend.


GAIN Dates—2:30-3:00 in the Community Room


            #1        January 19

            #2        March 23

            #3        May 14