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Volunteer Policies & Opportunities


Volunteers are helpful to the success of our school, and we are very grateful for the contributions of our dedicated volunteers. All volunteers (including those chaperoning field trips) will be required to apply to be a volunteer. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Register and complete application
  3. The application will be reviewed and you will be contacted if further information is needed.

Once approved, watch your inbox for invites to opportunities that match your interest.  Once you are a volunteer, please check in with the teacher for whom you would like to volunteer. That teacher will be able to direct you as to how to help in his/her classroom, with copies, and/or how you can be of benefit to the school at large. Due to COVID restrictions, volunteers will be used on a limited basis. Teachers will contact those who have signed up in the system on an as-needed basis, and share specific instructions for volunteers.